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Blogging success story: She Makes $190,000 a Month Blogging Here is her progress, year by year

 Blogging success story: Follow her $190,000/month journey year by year. Learn the secrets to her massive income growth.

She Makes $190,000 a Month Blogging Here is her progress, year by year

How Makes $190,000 a Month Blogging

If you thought blogging was dead, think again.

Sarah, a second-year student, was facing financial challenges as she sought employment to support her college expenses. 

Unexpectedly, she came across a captivating Pinterest post that piqued her curiosity. The post featured a mother who asserted that she earned $10,000 monthly through blogging.

Sarah's blog started off as just a personal outlet, with sporadic updates about her life that only her family knew about. 

She had no idea that blogging could be a lucrative venture until she decided to pursue it seriously.

Determined to make it big, she went all in and developed a strategy that paid off. Five years later, her blog is now earning her $190,000 every month.

how to make money with blogging

First year: Emphasize quick earnings

Key terms: blog writing. Style: authentic narrative.

Initially, Sarah removed all of her initial blog entries.

In her initial year, she prioritized generating quick income. Being a student, she had minimal time to dedicate to blogging. The urgency for money compelled her to seek immediate solutions.

She believed that the quickest way to generate quick cash through a fresh blog was by incorporating advertisements.

Her aim was to secure approval from an advertising agency, and she realized that achieving this required generating page views. To accomplish this, she opted to utilize Pinterest as her platform.

Ultimately, that's the way she stumbled upon the realization that blogging could be a lucrative source of income.

She quickly made blogging her second priority, eager to absorb as much knowledge about it as she could in a short amount of time. This decision was a no-brainer for her.

She had the option to learn it on her own, which would require a few years of effort. Alternatively, she could invest $100 in a course and start earning money within a couple of months. It's important to consider one thing here.

She was not thinking, I'll just take this course and coast through without putting in any effort.

She wasted no time in applying her newfound knowledge, setting herself apart from the norm with her determined approach to making progress. This was evident in her immediate use of what she had learned, a unique behavior that distinguished her from others. The reality of the situation was reflected in her blogging, as she shared her story with a tone that captured the true essence of her experiences.

In order to fund her courses, she picked up babysitting jobs to make some extra cash.

Each time she acquired new knowledge, she committed to fully immersing herself in it for a period of two months before making any adjustments. This approach proved to be another valuable piece of guidance in her blogging journey, adding depth and authenticity to her storytelling.

Utilize it for a period of two months before making any necessary modifications and refinements. This pertains to the practice of blogging and should be approached with a realistic storytelling tone.

how to make money with blogging

Second year: Emphasis on affiliate marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Key themes: blogging. Style: authentic narrative.

In the present year, Sarah dedicated her attention to affiliate marketing, with a primary focus on Amazon Associates. She delved into the world of blogging and shared her journey in a realistic storytelling manner.

In her realistic blogging journey, Sarah cautioned against pursuing affiliate marketing in the initial year. This could be due to the necessity of generating higher traffic to yield substantial returns, or perhaps because it demands a significant time investment.

She remained silent. Engaging in affiliate marketing through a blog requires the implementation of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

This was an unfamiliar area that Sarah had to become acquainted with. Although she now possesses expertise in this field, it was not an innate skill. It is evident that she continually learns and applies her knowledge throughout her journey.

how to make money with blogging

Year 3 will prioritize building and engaging with an email list and social media.

Emphasizing blogging and a realistic storytelling tone will be key.

Sophia had previously underestimated the significance of an email list, but now she realized its value.

Sarah advised her to prioritize building the list in the first year, unless she lacked the energy to do so.

Sarah emphasized the importance of being extremely helpful in all posts and keeping the reader in mind at all times.

She also stressed the need to focus on the audience and not write about oneself, as people are more interested in themselves.

Sarah decided to begin her blogging journey on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, recognizing them as effective channels for attracting traffic.

Once more, she dedicated herself to the task at hand. This involved posting an Instagram story daily and creating a YouTube video weekly.

However, this additional workload prompted Sarah to seek assistance. Consequently, she began recruiting part-time freelancers to support her blogging efforts, resulting in the formation of her own team.

how to make money with blogging

Fourth year: Emphasis on Developing Courses

Key terms: blog writing. Style: narrative realism.

During her fourth year, Sarah delved into developing courses and dedicated herself to this aspect of her business.

The potential for substantial earnings in digital courses became evident, particularly with her wealth of experience and expertise to impart to others.

Concurrently, she pursued a long-held aspiration by launching an interior design venture.

She also embraced a more daring approach in her decision-making, supported by the financial stability she had achieved.

how to make money with blogging

In the fifth year, the main emphasis will be on TikTok and the recruitment of full-time staff.

The key elements to be highlighted are blogging and the overall tone should reflect a realistic storytelling approach.

In addition, she launched several new business endeavors and transitioned from employing part-time workers to hiring full-time staff, which improved her productivity.

Her preference for full-time employees stemmed from their greater dedication and focus compared to part-time workers who have other commitments.

She emphasized that having someone dedicated full time resulted in increased engagement and commitment to the business.

In conclusion, the journey of this successful blogger is truly inspiring. Her determination and hard work have paid off, as she has managed to consistently increase her income year after year. 

From humble beginnings to making $190,000 a month, she has shown that with dedication and passion, anyone can achieve their goals. Her story serves as a reminder that success does not happen overnight, but through persistent effort and a willingness to adapt and grow. 

As we reflect on her progress, let's use her example as motivation to pursue our own dreams and aspirations, knowing that it is possible to achieve great things with the right mindset and perseverance.


Q: How did she start her blogging journey?

A: She started by sharing her personal experiences and tips on a small blog.

Q: Is it really possible to make $190,000 a month blogging?

A: Yes, with dedication, hard work, and strategic planning, it is achievable.

Q: What are some of the key milestones in her blogging progress over the years?

A: She went from earning nothing to making a few hundred dollars per month, then scaling up to thousands and eventually reaching six figures monthly.

Q: Can anyone replicate her success in blogging?

A: While everyone's journey is unique, learning from her strategies can help others achieve similar success.

Q: What are the main sources of income for her blog?

A: Her primary income streams include affiliate marketing, sponsored content, digital product sales, and ad revenue.

Q: How does she manage to consistently earn such high amounts each month?

A: By diversifying her income streams and continually innovating and improving her content and marketing strategies.

Q: What challenges did she face along the way to achieving this level of success?

A: She encountered challenges such as burnout, competition, and adapting to changes in the online landscape.

Q: Does she share tips or resources for aspiring bloggers looking to follow in her footsteps?

A: Yes, she regularly shares insights on her blog and social media platforms to help others navigate their own blogging journeys.

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